the amazing collection of Precious Rocks Gems & minerals


Discover and collect the hidden treasures of our planet !

Precious Rocks, Gems and Minerals is an amazing collection to share with all the family!

• Discover the most fascinating rocks, gems and minerals of our planet, including amethyst, rose quartz, blue agate, tiger’s eye, emerald, …

• Learn how to identify them, how they were formed and where to find them in every issue of your magazine, and in the comprehensive A-Z cards that accompany the collection.

• FREE DISPLAY BOXES! Protect your precious collection in exclusive and specially designed display boxes

Everything you need to know about the world of precious rocks, gems and minerals

Since 1888 the National Geographic Society
has funded more than 12,000 investigations, explorations and nature preservation projects all around the world. A part of the proceeds of this collection supports the non-profit work of the National Geographic Society in conservation, exploration, research and education.

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1st Shipment

Issue 1 for 99p
Issue 2 for £3.99

2nd Shipment

A free Issue

From the 3rd Shipment

All other issues for £ 5.99

A free issue

1st Shipment


A practical binder to begin storing your magazines

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6 month subscription to National Geographic kids magazine

Receive a FREE 6-month subscription to National Geographic Kids magazine delivered to your home! Expertly written articles especially for children aged 6 to 11. Featuring fascinating articles on wildlife, geography, popular science, history, culture, the environment and current events.
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5th Shipment

giant-sized crystal geode

See and feel the amazing detail of one of the world’s most stunning rocks – naturally packed with crystals!
Approximate size 12.5x9.5 cm.

8th Shipment


with x100 x400 x1200 objective lenses.
10 pieces in one gift!
Get closer to nature with this fantastic scientific back-lit microscope.

CHOOSE A PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION And receive the Wonders of Nature


An amazing collection of microscope-ready slides that recreate in super close-up detail these Wonders of Nature. This fabulous set makes the perfect accompaniment for your Free microscope! 40 slides in total!
The extra £1 per issue will be charged from issue 3.

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  • 1 st Shipment

    • 1st Shipment: GOLD - Spain
    • 2nd Shipment: ROSE QUARTZ - Brazil
    • 3rd Shipment: TIGER’S EYE - Spain
  • 2 nd Shipment

    • 4th Shipment: AMETHYST - Brazil
    • 5th Shipment: BLUE AGATE - Brazil
    • 6th Shipment: FLUORITE - China
    • 7th Shipment: CELESTINE - Madagascar
  • 3 rd Shipment

    • 8th Shipment: FUCHSITE - Brazil
    • 9th Shipment: RHODONITE - South Africa
    • 10th Shipment: SAHARA GEODE - Morocco
    • 11th Shipment: PYRITE - Peru
  • 4 th Shipment

    • 12th Shipment: GALENA - Spain
    • 13th Shipment: RED JASPER - Brazil
    • 14th Shipment: ICELAND SPAR - Mexico
    • 15th Shipment: OBSIDIAN - United States
  • 5 th Shipment

    • 16th Shipment: AZURITE Morocco
    • 17st Shipment: DESERT ROSE - Mexico
    • 18nd Shipment: ARAGONITE - Morocco
    • 19rd Shipment: EMERALD - Colombia
  • 6th Shipment

    • 20rd Shipment: JADEITE - China
    • 21th Shipment: SODALITE - Brazil
    • 22th Shipment:ORANGE CALCITE - Brazil
    • 23th IShipment: UNAKITE - South Africa
  • 7th Shipment

    • 24th Shipment: ROCK CRYSTAL - Brazil
    • 25th Shipment: CHALCOPYRITE - Morocco
    • 26th Shipment: HEMATITE - Brazil
    • 27th Shipment: RED GYPSUM - Spain
  • 8th Shipment

    • 28th Shipment: TALC - Spain
    • 29th Shipment: CORNELIAN - Brazil
    • 30th Shipment: AMAZONITE - Russia
    • 31th Shipment: CHIASTOLITE - China
    • 32th Shipment: AQUAMARINE - Brazil
  • 9th Shipment

    • 33th Shipment: LABRADORITE - Madagascar
    • 34th Shipment: STILBITE - India
    • 35th Shipment: MAGNETITE - United States
  • 10th Shipment

    • 36th Shipment: WOOD OPAL - Madagascar
    • 37th Shipment: LAPIS LAZULI - Afghanistan
    • 38th Shipment: BLACK ONYX - China
    • 39th Shipment: LEPIDOLITE - Brazil
  • 11th Shipment

    • 40th Shipment: HALITE - Spain
    • 41th Shipment: SMOKY QUARTZ - Brazil
    • 42th Shipment: SIDERITE - Spain
    • 43th Shipment: ALBITE - Brazil
  • 12th Shipment

    • 44th Shipment: BARITE - Morocco
    • 45th Shipment: OPAL - Brazil
    • 46th Shipment: SPHALERITE - Peru
    • 47th Shipment: CITRINE QUARTZ - Brazil
  • 13th Shipment

    • 48th Shipment: To be coming
    • 49th Shipment: To be coming
    • 50th Shipment: To be coming
    • 51th Shipment: To be coming
  • 14th Shipment

    • 52th Shipment: To be coming
    • 53th Shipment:To be coming
    • 54th Shipment: To be coming
    • 55th Shipment: To be coming
  • 15th Shipment

    • 56th Shipment: To be coming
    • 57th Shipment: To be coming
    • 58th Shipment: To be coming
    • 59th Shipment: To be coming
    • 60th Shipment: To be coming

Frequent questions

Here you’ll find the answers to any doubts you might have about details of the collection and subscription terms and conditions. For more information don’t hesitate to call our customer services centre on 0345 155 6396.

What is the advantage of a subscription?
Subscribers get all issues delivered to their home at no extra cost, so you’ll never miss an issue. AND subscribers receive FIVE fantastic gifts worth £60 totally FREE!

1st gift: A Free binder
2nd gift: A Free issue
3rd gift: A Free 6-month subscription to National Geographic Kids magazine
4th gift: A Free giant-sized crystal geode
5th gift: A Free microscope
What happens if the gifts are no longer available?
Should the gifts be out of stock, we reserve the right to substitute them with similar articles of the same value. The articles are a non-monetary bonus and therefore cannot be exchanged for the same value in cash.

What does each issue cost?
The first issue comes at the special price of 99p. The second issue costs £3.99. All further issues will cost £5.99 (or £6.99 for the premium option). You will also receive 4 additional Binders at £6.99 that will be sent to you every 20 issues. You will also receive details and pricing in advance so you can notify if you do not wish to receive them.

What is a Premium subscription?
Choose a premium subscription and receive the Wonders of Nature slide collection. For only £1 more per issue from issue 3, you will receive an amazing collection of microscope-ready slides that recreate in super close-up detail these Wonders of Nature. This fabulous set makes the perfect accompaniment for your Free Microscope! 40 slides in total!

Slides come in boxes of 10, one pack delivered every 20 issues, the first pack of slides comes with your ninth delivery.

When will I receive the different issues?
With the first and second delivery you’ll receive a maximum of four issues, depending on which issue you started your subscription with. From issue 4 each delivery will consist of 4 issues and will be dispatched every 4 weeks. Your FREE binder will come with your first delivery. Your FREE issue will come with your second delivery. A FREE 6-month subscription to National Geographic Kids magazine from my third delivery. Then, you will receive your giant-sized crystal geode with your fifth delivery and the microscope with your eighth delivery.

Payments are taken every 28 days for 4 issues at a time. At the start of your subscription some payments may be closer together in order to bring you in line with the latest edition.

What happens if one of my issues arrives damaged?
Should this happen, please contact our customer services center immediately. Damaged issues can, with the agreement of customer services, be sent back at our expense to be replaced with an undamaged issue.

Will there be any cost for postage and shipping?
No, we bear all costs for you.

How do I cancel?
You can cancel a subscription at any time by contacting our customer services department.

How does my free subscription to National Geographic work?
You will receive 6 complimentary issues of the National Geographic magazine delivered directly, and separately, to you by National Geographic from your third delivery. The first magazine will be sent between 2 - 4 weeks after your third delivery.